Fast Result Pro Pack

SEO Fast Results Pro Pack

SEO Fast Results PRO Service Pack is the ideal way to outsource traffic and SEO services to our highly trained team. Each MONTH we deliver you a massive quantity of inbound links using:


– 100 Manual Search Engine Submission
– 2 Original Written Articles
– 50 Manual Article Submissions
– 500 Automated Article Submission
– 5 One-Way Backlinks (manually submitted)
– 1 Press Release
– 10 Manual Press Release Submissions
– 30 Social Bookmarking
– 3 Social Networking
– 10 Link Directory Submissions
– 5 Blog Comments
– 5 Forum Marketing posts
– We will create Squidoo pages and Hubpages and interlink them for you
– and blogs linking to main domain and sub-pages
– We ping 90 sites for each new web property

Why Use SEO Fast Results?

We listen & understand what’s required to run a very successful SEO Campaign that delivers results, & FAST. SEO Fast Results have teamed up with a highly successful crack team of Internet marketers who deliver outstanding results.

We set up each campaign from scratch to target your key phrases. Our specialist, highly skilled team is located in India and they are fully equipped with the latest SEO knowledge and tools to help you with your campaigns. Many of the steps are done by hand in-house to maximize effectiveness. Once you place your order you will be allocated a support officer who will work personally with your account.

How It Works

When you select your preferred SEO Fast Results package, It may be the SEO Fast Results or SEO Super Fast Results package, we are with you all the way, guiding you through the whole process. This subscription is on a monthly basis through Paypal, they don’t worry though if you don’t have a PayPal account, you can either get one, its very fast & easy to do, or you can simply use a credit card if you wish, whichever you prefer. You are certainly not locked into any contracts, we don’t believe in that, & you can stop the subscription any time you like by logging into your own Paypal account and selecting ’subscriptions’ then cancel. We will complete each month’s work that you pay for.

Trust me, once you give us a try, you will be very glad you did, & hopefully you will be a valued client for many years to come, as we continue to deliver you outstanding results, by simply placing your business on Page 1 of the major Search Engines, getting You seen by the majority of Your prospects, & most importantly keeping You there ahead of your competition. A good foundation minimum for a new site or to really supercharge an existing site is three – six months worth of service. The longer you stay the more links you will build and the more results you will get, simple as that.  I highly recommend you keep your subscription running, so you maintain that all-important front page position on the search engines. We also ask you to keep in mind that your success & timing will depend on how competitive the keywords you are chasing are.

Filling out the form
Once you have made the payment you simply just complete a form detailing the project objectives. We will then ask you for your domain name (one domain per package is the maximum). Next, we ask you if there is a blog on that domain. We will need up to ten keyword phrases. Hey don’t worry, I know what your thinking, I don’t really know what keywords to come up with, That’s no problems, we have this sorted, we will help you with this if you like.

Keyword phrases
Choosing your ten keyword phrases wisely is important for getting the FAST results you want. Have a good think about what You think your prospects would type in the google search box when they are looking for the services you offer. You may already be experienced and know your phrases. Should you require some help with key phrases we will help you select them based on the website bio you supply. We will get a brief description of your website and purpose so that we can help you zero in on the keywords that make sense for you. It is important to have several phrases for your site since it is unnatural that people would link to your site using just the one phrase over and over again. This is called link variety.

Research Tools
If you need a keyword tool to help you choose buying keywords and measure the competition we recommend you download a free trial version of Market Samurai. This tool will help give you ideas and measure search volume versus competition. I Understand you may not have the time, don’t worry, we will assist you in selecting the right keywords that will generate the most traffic back to your site. We select the keywords that get You the best results.

Bio and description

On the form, you can tell us about your site target market and include a picture of you if you would like to utilize this powerful aspect of social marketing (highly recommended). A more detailed profile helps your links stay in place and attract the right target. If you are the project manager for a client we will deal with YOU and not the client. We will not identify ourselves to anyone but you, this is why we are your SEO fast results partner!

Need anything just ask
Your account manager is dedicated to your results. We have a section where you can issue special instructions specific to your project. We will provide feedback to you when we invite you to our special project management centre. From here we will communicate with you regularly for the length of your service.